THE Creative is a residential development and architecture company focused on innovative design. Our homes provide a comfortable, modern environment that is unique in the marketplace.

THE Creative Brand Difference  

Design Driven  The emphasis is on product design that improves daily living, characterized by a clean aesthetic and a thoughtful layout. Our homes stress an abundance of natural light, a  floor plan that flows, efficient utilization of space and site, and precision detailing.

Right-Sized  Spaces are sized to be airy, comfortable, gracious and efficient. The homes are customized to fit reasonably on the lots with ample yard space and light between the homes and their neighbors.

Sustainable  The homes feature cost-effective, passive sustainable strategies such as high quality air barriers; high performance insulation; efficient fixtures, appliances and equipment; and smart systems to manage energy usage. These all work together to reduce the use of gas, electricity and water, shrinking your utility bills.

The homes address the impact of technology on the way you live and work. Low voltage wiring and networked systems are integrated into the base design, allowing a seamless use of technology in any space. A multi-purpose home-office allows for frequent telecommuting and is also a supplemental living space. Mechanical and electrical systems are built to be easily managed from your digital devices.

Durable  Materials providing long-term durability are incorporated to reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of your home and keep it looking new and clean. Metal roofs, fiber cement siding, cedar accents and aluminum windows clad the building in a refined, resilient enclosure.

Service Focused  THE Creative stands by our homes, offering a one year warranty for our work. We make the home buying experience a joy for our buyers. We provide you with a welcome package of home supplies and a digital manual for home operations, with make and model of all equipment, maintenance schedules for the home and important names and numbers.

Value Added
  THE Creative’s brand strategies produce a unique product, differentiated from current housing stock in both look and feel. Sustainable practices save energy and resources and reduce utility bills.  Durable materials reduce maintenance costs. Built-in technology provides a home that is ready to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful home designed to exceed your  expectations. Welcome to THE Creative.