Design Conscious Consumers

The proliferation of consumer design media such as Dwell, Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor and HGTV suggests that the power of good design has gained mass awareness. We are selling to discerning customers who recognize the value of good design, refined modern aesthetics and an efficient plan that best utilizes the specific site.

Green Buyers

We are selling to environmentally conscious buyers: buyers who value the energy savings that come with higher performing building enclosures, the positive impact natural light has on interior comfort, the electricity saved by using daylight, the conservation of space as a means of conserving energy and long-lasting materials as a way to reduce waste.

Tech Buyers

We appeal to buyers who telecommute, who value the ability to monitor their house systems on their digital devices, and who value paperless organization. Because of our emphasis on the integration of technology into the basic framework of the house, the digitizing of house maintenance programs, warranty documents, appliance settings, temperature settings, lighting settings and sound systems. Our homes are designed to accommodate high-tech users immediately.


Our product is accessible to all. We are designing and building innovative houses. We are evolving the state of standard housing stock with sensible improvements such as integrated technology and sustainable construction practices. We are repurposing  or removing unnecessary and unused space to reduce costs, and we are packaging everything within a refined, cohesive, right-sized residence.